Cuca Restaurant

Cuca Restaurant Expect a casual experience both in feel and pricing and totally focused on food: we save on luxurious tableware and never compromise on quality. Our restaurant offers small portions so you can try more and a unique signature menu meant to be shared. We start by getting the basics right: the most amazing […]

Nyaman Catamaran

Nyaman Catamaran The Nyaman Catamaran answers ‘yes’ without hesitation! This boat was designed by our Architect-builder to cruise around the Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. With this aim in mind, he  has given importance on the quality of security and comfort. You will particularly  appreciate the space occupied by the crew, which guarantees the […]

Exquisite Media

Exquisite Media A  quartely Hi- End Gourmet,  Food & Wine magazine, In response to the growing appetite for everything epicurean here in Asia and beyond, Exquisite Taste will take you on an incomparable culinary journey with innovative Chef profiles ( Up Close & Personal ) in Region, hard to find recipes, hot list of restaurant openings, exclusive […]